UA 4.0.2 patch D on Linux x64
I know E is out but customer is afraid of patching...

I'm troubleshooting an OOM error and I have enabled memory dumps on


The customer has a max heap size of 1.8GB according to recommendations
by NetIQ


Looking through those dump I can see a large number of objects that take
up most

of the heap space when the OOM error occurs.

com.novell.srvprv.impl.vdata.model.VirtualEntityAt tribute

The VirtualEntity objects contain the VirtualEntityAttribute objects.

For example there are 8 398 VirtualEntity objects and 66 752

VirtualEntityAttribute objects that take over 1,2GB of heap.

The VirtualEntityAttribute objects that take up most of the space

AssignedResources, InheritedRoles, MemberOf.

I'm trying to identify what's causing it to list *all* role/resource

for all those users.

Any ideas?

Would looking at a role/resource assignement tab in the role catalog
cause to

retrieve *all* values for a User?

Would using any of the built-in reports in UA cause this?

Can I put a limit on the query so that it doesn't try to list so many

I have two stack traces here:

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