OS: Windows 2008 R2
Mem: 4GB
UA: 4.0.2 Patch E

I have read the forums about long logins to the User Application, and
have ensured I have the appropriate eDirectory indexes in place and that
the UA is not logging to Audit. I have also set my logevent.conf fine to
be Not Configured, just to be sure.

I have noticed that when I log in to the UA the server.log reports that
the User has been logged in to the directory about 15 seconds before the
portal pages actually show. The login response takes about 10 seconds
(which is fine IMHO), but it's the extra time that it takes for the
screens to actually show which is causing me an issue.

Is this a known issue / has been seen before? Are they are any known
fixes for this long login time?



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