Hello everyone,
We've been performing a fresh install of the whole IDM 4.5 bundle in one
of our SLES 11.3 VM's, following the official guide-line published


While already completed the manual installation successfully with some
work-arounds and technical speculation, we are now confused trying to
figure out what are the proper .properties files to use when it comes to
performing a silent installation of the Tomcat/Postgre base, and User
Application. Our problem is, basically, we just can't find the
..properties file that the official document speaks of (that is,
silent.properties), that is supposed to be in the installation
directory. Instead, there are 2 files named
"user_app.install.properties" and "user_app.configure.properties".
Installation speaks about the first of them, but says nothing about the
other one.

Reviewing the files, we find configuration parameters that could easily
be those described for the "silent.properties" file, but we just can't
assume that. We don't have time to test this in a fresh install either.

This is also true for Tomcat/Postgre installation.

If you have any clue on what's the right way to editing this files, I
would really appreciate it. Anything else, at your dispossal.

Thank you a lot!



PD: Link to NetIQ's UserApp silent installation documentation,

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