We are experiencing performance problems with the Roles and Resource
driver and want to hear if others see similar performance or have
suggestions for configuration changes that can improve the overall
performance of the Roles and Resource driver.

During a re-configuration of roles and resources, we have changed some
100,000 Entitlement / group memberships assignments based on 10,000
users x 10 groups, via a L30 Role -> L20 Role -> L10 Resource to Edir group.

This takes about 3 days to process.
Equal to over 3 seconds pr change (contains the removal of Entitlement
and group membership), is this expected performance of Roles & Resource

The Roles and Resource driver is running on a 4 Cores CPU and 16GB
memory, half of the memory is in used and CPU is around 20% during the
The server has a R/W replica of all users and groups, does anyone know
have much faster running on the Master replica could be?

Kind regards