UA 4.02 Patch E on Linux.

We were working on a IDV Group granting driver, and our first code map
refresh was 'bad'. No biggie, found the issue fixed it.

Now post that import of group data, we get this for each Group found in
the IDV (properly now we think):

2014-12-09 10:57:16,784 INFO [STDOUT] (http- WARN
[ cordsByEntitlementForValues]
Warning: more then one row found in provisioning view value table when
querying by entitlement guid
\87\91\41\29\f1\42\00\46\a3\09\d3\69\12\b4\67\80 and parameter value
{"ID":""}. The first row found will be used

So to me, it looks like we are not updating the entry properly doing a
UA based refresh, and removing the bad old value, instead we add a
second value, which seems to be ignored and the first one is used.

How can we clean this up?