When I try to access the UserApplication using Chrome, FireFox, IE or
Safari I am getting a "HTTP Status 403" error. Has anyone else seen
this problem or any suggestions on how to resolve it?

W2K12 R2 (latest patches, Firewall off)
IDM v4.5 (unpatched)

UserApp database is an existing MS SQL instance

IDM Engine running on a separate server(.115 ip

IDM Applications - Tomcat, OSP/SSPR and UserApp (.233 ip

When doing a Framework installation using fully qualified host names
(example - server.abc.com) I am getting the following error when trying
access /landing, /dash or IDMProv urls.

*Error Message:*

HTTP Status 403 - Unrecognized interface. Invalid Host Header Name or
Request URL Domain Name.

type Status report

message Unrecognized interface. Invalid Host Header Name or Request URL
Domain Name.

description Access to the specified resource has been forbidden.
Apache Tomcat/7.0.55

*Additional Info:*
If I do the exact same type of Framework installation but use IP
addresses instead of host names I do not get an error.
If I do the Integrated installer with IP addresses there is not an error

The catalina.out file looks the same between the 2 types of installs,
but when I compare the localhost_access_log.2014-12-3*.txt files I do
see the following differences at startup. This is the only place I
found so far illustrating a difference between the 2. With the install
using an IP address, there seems to be a couple of extra lines at the

FrameWork_DNS - localhost_access_log.2014-12-31.txt - - [31/Dec/2014:09:32:03 -0500] "GET /landing HTTP/1.1"
302 - - - [31/Dec/2014:09:32:04 -0500] "GET /landing/ HTTP/1.1"
200 7901

FrameWork_IP - localhost_access_log.2014-12-30.txt - - [30/Dec/2014:23:54:05 -0500] "GET
/IDMProv/rest/access/tasks/badge?limit=200 HTTP/1.1" 500 234 - - [30/Dec/2014:23:54:05 -0500] "GET
/osp/a/idm/auth/oauth2/getattributes?attributes=auth_src_id%2Cfirst_name% 2Cclient%2Cexpiration%2Cemail%2Cinitials%2Croles%2 Cname%2Clast_name%2Clanguage%2Ccacheable&access_to ken=eHwAIKX5EwMsRlSJDR6cUdU1IxPdjRm5pi0bXbXm1KP7y2 l7Hz3GPHCOMPUTgejlevInFBnnoxLuWwwk0AolhwfKY9Nyhlhx AOMXIZnaMDFwlIwYZXminHJt/0oA70HHECXa%40jlChbeMB%40CKDTHbZovDUcQOEgLR0FvBANU ITQ4oaTWYaNL3xWTbEBkf8M4v%40D/A6lqYApy9GIboGRxFLw1CRuBIUaEyxCUiGuYpNR8rME5O
HTTP/1.1" 200 - - - [30/Dec/2014:23:57:02 -0500] "GET /landing HTTP/1.1"
302 - - - [30/Dec/2014:23:57:03 -0500] "GET /landing/ HTTP/1.1"
200 7865

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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