Hi! My environment is IDM 4.02.
There is an Integration Activity in which I call the IDM endpoint method
"requestRoleAssignment" in order to create a parent-child relationship.
It works fine. The method can take multiple child roles
In order to add a new role to Mapping tab it is needed to click on the
"Mapping..." button, select a necessary item, right click -> "occurs..."
and increase the number of an item by a built-in counter.
This counter is a type of number.
And what I want is to *create a parent-child relationship where it can
be variable number of child depends on how many roles came from the
form*. But it seems that count of child is a static variable and it can
be set to an exact value only. Maybe I'm missing something... *So, is it
possible to pass variable number of items through Integration Activity?
Or, maybe, there is a workaround.* Thanks!

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