Ok, so it seems if you get bad data into the CODE MAP table, like by
developing a new entitlement type and make mistakes in dev, there is no
way to fix it.

Tried an SR, told there is no way to do it. They suggested I
uninstall/reinstall the UA. Not even offered an option to drop the
tables and recreate.

Interestingly, even though I tried to refresh dozens of times, it would
not and stayed with the bad data, when I looked again today, it sort of
corrected itself. (Still has a bad name for one of the Entitlements,
but has the correct data suddenly on both. Unpredictable is BAD!).

So my take away from this is that the Code Map process is just plain broken.

So why do we care? What is Code Map table used for? As far as I can
tell, just for managing Resource-> Entitlement assignments and popping
up values in the UI. Shared with Catalog Admins approach to the same

But we can do this in SOAP, grant whatever value we want, be it in the
Code Map table or not, and it works. Just do it properly, so that the
Entitlement can properly be implemented.

The nrfEntitlementRef attr on the Resource objects gets the value I
wanted, even though it is not in the Code Map table.

Assign it to a user, and it assigns the proper DirXML-EntitlementRef
attribute on the user.

So, is Code Map used for anything of actual value? Does it matter?

If not, I see no choice but to recommend ignoring it and not using it
again, at least until they can prove it actually works. It seems only to
hinder, not help at this point in time. You cannot fix the data in it,
erase it, or do anything other than to uninstall/reinstall UA? That is
not really workable.