Hello !
I can't get the Integration activity to work in a in a flow... I have
collected some questions and I hope someone can help me find out how it
works ..

- To be able to simulate all action in a correct way, do I need to
remove namespace in the input document, and paste it in the Input
window ? (The Input document generated from wsdl contains namespaces.)

- Is there a connection between the Pre activity data mapping and the
Input document in Integration activity when I simulate in Designer ?
- When I executes the actions from top, and comes to
"/****Autogenerated namespace creation****/" then it resets the input
document I previously pasted into the Input window to the wsdl
generated document. I must do something wrong ?
- I have also tried to paste my Input document in to the Messages
window and then "Regenerate code in the action model page" but that
destroys my actions.
- When am I supposed to use "Regenerate code in the action model

thank you!

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