Hello All,
I'e been working in crate role and resource association via user
application prd. I can able to create roles but im facing an issue when
creating resource association.Im using integration approach from the PRD
to achieve this role & Resource association..

In the pre-actiity mapping for nrfDynamicParmVals attribute Im using the
following ecma script
String("{'ID':"+flowdata.get('best')+",'ID2':"+str ()+"}")
function str()
return grpDN;

when I test the above scenario, I got the below value in the resource
association object's nrfDynamicParmVals attribute
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<value expr="false"
parm-key="EntitlementParamKey">{'ID':d294c13a20ae7744a3 2d1a604bc7e4c0,'ID2':cn=100-RBC-Test-Nirmal3,ou=Groups,ou=CP,ou=CPG,o=data}</value>

after that I've assigned a user role but it was not triggering any
events to AD driver. Im guessing there is problem in nrfDynamicParmVals
attribute value...
can anybody tell me how can I overcome this issue


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