How hard can it be to install IDM45 with the integrated installer?
Apparently very hard.

I have tried with a RHEL 6.4-6.5 version and fails all the time in the
configuration part.
Jclient something wrong class etc.
NICI is installed both 32 bit and 64bit .
I found in a document for Designer that it's not supported on RHEL 6.5
so I tried on a RHEL 6.4 version, no sucess.

Its the part when designer tries to configure the edirectory driverset
I'm guessing.

I run the script for checking the installation and it complains on the
openxdas part, but I'm not interested now that part, only IDM and
Userapplication part.
No reporting or that kind a stuff.

Why is this happening?

All dependencies are applied to Red Hat as described in the document for
the integrated installation.

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