I have a case where i want to post additional data/parameters from the
Workflow who made the Role request to the Custom Role Approval Workflow
assigned to role (besides the standard nrfRequest object). The
data/parameters will be input to some code logic in order to determine
who can approve the role request.

Is there any other way to do that ?

I Know i properly could use the corralationID from the Workflow and the
read the data directly from the SQL tables, but i think its a bit dirty,
and to shaky if NetIQ changes the database layout.

I also know i could just make my own Workflow with an Approval step,
instead of using the build in functionality of the Role Approval
Workflow, but that would make it possible to assign the role directly in
Userapplication without having anyone else to approve it.

Best regards

Jesper Rost

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