Windows 2008 R2 64 bit
4 Cores
User Application 4.0.2 Patch E

We are running the User Application 4.0.2 Patch E and are planning to
roll it in to production in about a week. We are only using it for
'White Pages' functionality (searches) and also allowing the Users to
edit some of their data and perform password reset.

The client does not have a JBoss team, and therefore I am trying to do
some performance tests as part of the go-live readiness program.

The client is currently using eGuide, and that applicaion gets around
1000 searches per hour, so busy enough.

I am using jMeter to test the search functionality with a single
thread...over and over again. But, after about 100 searches (each
waiting for 2 seconds before performing the next search), I get a
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error on the server.log.

I have kept the JAVA_OPTS settings the same as the shipped version, but
I was wondering if there was a tested scenario for this number of
searches and the associated JVM settings. Or should I not worry about



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