I've recently upgraded my UserApp to Home. In both my prod and test
environments, I now get a Juice error with DNLookups in workflows. If I
search for a user and hit one that has no value for an attribute marked
Required in the entity used for the search, I get this in the search
Error when processing template HtmlParamList_l.html:
TypeError: _766 is undefined
and this in the main workflow pane, outlined in yellow:
an error occurred JUICE.Template.run. Please contact your system
administrator. Detailed information can be found in the console. (_766
is undefined)

For example, I have a LookupUser entity and Given Name is flagged as
required. My form uses that entity for a DNLookup. When running the
workflow, if my search hits a user with no Given Name or I don't have
read permission to that attribute, I get the error. I can fix it by
unchecking Required in the entity, but then I can't search on that

This did not work like this before the upgrade to Home. Is this new

My environment is:
IDM 4.0.2
UA 4.0.2 Field Patch D with Home installed over it.

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