reding the dokumentation and following partner presentations I must
state I am a little confused according the suggestion to use TOMCAT or
JBOSS as a foundation of the current webservices.

The IDM 4.5 feature list states that from now on TOMCAT is the default
(suggested) container for all the webservices (UA, Home&Provisionig
Dashboard, Catalog Admin and SSPR) - The documentation states that
tomcat should be used only for small implementations and/or testing.

During a partner summit I raised the quetion and receivced the answer
that TOMCAT should be fine in most scenarios. Are there any "official"
suggestions how log TOMCAT will be sufficient and when JBOSS - or any
other supportes WebApp Server should be used?

Is there any suggestion on how to implement a solution with a TOMCAT
cluster? Which of the new services will work with a cluster? Or is UA
the only one which will work in a cluster configuration?



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