Anyone know what the list of prohibited characters are in Role/Resource
names? I am getting this in a Workflow call:

2015-02-14 18:30:02,844 [http-bio-8443-exec-12] ERROR
com.novell.idm.nrf.service.RoleManagerService- [RBPM]
[Create_Role_Failure] Initiated by cn=rbpmadmin,ou=service
accounts,ou=users,o=acmenetworks,dc=com, Role DN: cn=6015 G-A Finance &
Centers,cn=Level30,cn=RoleDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=Ap pConfig,cn=userapp,cn=dvs0,dc=idm,dc=service,dc=sy stem,
Error Message: Name string [6015 G-A Finance & Accounting] contains
prohibited character [&]

So I know ampersand is illegal. I will add a sanitization rule to
handle this. But what other characters should I add to the cleaner?