I've not reproduced this consistently but what I've seen is the following:
1. In HPD, click on request
2. in the permissions box, search for the PRD and select it
3. the PRD is added to the list but the form is never presented
4. click on the name of the PRD in the box that is added to the permissions box and the PRD opens in a new window
5. After completing the form, you are returned to the permissions page and the PRD is listed with strike through in the text.

After the first time, subsequent attempts to launch the PRD are different in that after step 2, the PRD is opened in a new
window every time as you would expect and step 5 doesn't happen.

Is this something that maybe a newly deployed workflow needed time for HPD to refresh?
Or is this something you just need to do on new workflows?

Note that, when the problem first presented, I went into the UA and the form rendered as expected. Going back to HPD it did
not. It consistently behaved through step 3 until I finally figured out that I needed step 4.

Will Schneider
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