I am unable to get the new 4.5 UA to work. I think it has something to
do with my configuration.

First I installed OSP with these options:

Protocol: http
host name: ua01
Port: 8080
LDAP host: idv01
LDAP port: 389
Use SSL: No
Generate a certificate: Yes

Then I installed the Tomcat and PostgreSQL with default setup.

Then I installed the User Application with these options:

User Application pane in configupdate.sh:

Identity Vault Server: idv01
LDAP port: 389
Secure LDAP port: 636
Use Public Anonymous Account: Yes
Secure administration connection: Yes
Secure User Connection: Yes

Authentication pane:

OAuth server host identifier: ua01
OAuth server TCP port: 8080
OAuth server is using TLS/SSL: No

SSO Clients pane:

OAuth client ID: ualanding
URL link to dash pane: /dash
OSP OAuth redirect URL: http://ua01:8180/landing...

Everything in this pane is default. All the URLs are

None of these pages work:


When starting the Tomcat, it deploys all the WARs without errors.

When i visit those pages, I get: "Unable to connect"

If I visit http://ua01:8080/landing I can see the URL change to:
http://ua01:8080/osp/a/idm... and then I get a 404

In catalina.out I get the log string that says OAuth is enabled.

Firewalls are turn off on both UA and IDV server

I get no errors in catalina.out

What might be wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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