I'm trying to install the Identity Reporting application on its own
Tomcat server but I'm having some problems.

I have the Identity Applications and the Reporting Module running on
server A. I want to run the Reporting Module on server B.

I have installed the Tomcat/Postgres combo from the IDM 4.5 Linux ISO on
server B.

After that I've installed the Reporting Module on server B.

On server A where OSP is running I ran configupdate.sh and changed the
OSP Oauth redirect url to point to server B.

When I surf to https://serverB:8443/IDMRPT I get to the OSP login page
and I when I enter my username and password I can see in the logs that
the login is processed.

Then the browser starts refreshing the page all the time.

It looks like its going to https://serverB:8443/IDMRPT and then back to
serverA which redirects it back to serverB and so on.

Any tips for installing IDMRPT on its own server?

By the way, configupdate.sh isn't installed when you only install the
Reporting Module and not the other Identity Applications on a server.