User Application 4.0.2 Patch E
Windows 2008 R2 64bit
64bit JVM


I have allowed guests to do searches within the User Application, and I
have set the session-timeout in web.xml to 10mins. This is working OK
with respect to the JVM, so the User Application is working fine.
However, when the Session Timeout Portlet shows up (set to 30secs before
timeout is reached). the window displays OK and LOGOUT buttons (strange
as the User is not logged in, but I guess this is expected because one
cannot expect the Portlet to be smart!).

On clicking LOGOUT, the session is kept open. On clicking OK, the
timeout screen shows with the 'Click Here to Start over' link. The
problem is that the link on the page points to the timeout page and not
the login page. Therefore, the User can never go back to the Search
screen (or any screen for that matter).

Has anyone ever seen this before, and how would one go ahead and fix it?
I suspect (and this is only me) that the issue arises because we allow
non-logged-in Users to do searches.

Any ideas?


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