UA 4.5 (both integrated and component install on SLES) when I am idle
for a short time in UA, maybe 5 ot 10 minutes, the app seems to still be
logged in but functionality starts failing, error messages are presented
and eventually I realize this, log out and log back in to get
reconnected after which all functionality resumes. It's like I am still
logged in to UA but timed out of getting into something it is dependent
on. I suppose you could call this needing to adjust the timing chain,
although fortunately so far the app is not blowing out any blue smoke
out of it's tailpipe.

I can cope with this (I grab handfulls from a heaping bowl of Tums on my
desk for just such nonsense) but when I turn this solution over to
clients shortly they are probably not going to be so kind.

Anyone have an idea of what is timing out and more importantly where I
can adjust it to put it in sync (so that a timeout ends up sending us to
the login page rather than into dyfunctional land)?


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