Hello, I am working on creating a workflow which will hopefully allow a
user to request multiple roles which may then be sent off to a back-end
role approval workflow.

We have several of these workflows already. However, I would like to
try to create one that functions in parallel, as opposed to serially.
My goal was to leverage the branch activity to spawn off a thread that
would send the role off to the role-request activity based on the
current index in the list of roles, and then have another thread of the
branch increment the counter and feed into the condition statement that
checks the current index against the overall size of the list. I am
struggling to get this to work, as I was told that a branch operation
cannot feed back into itself (even when it is gated via condition
statement.) Is there any way possible to dynamically spawn threads in
User App so that these requests can be handled in parallel?

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