Recently I was asked if I could create a request form that included a
table of data with drill down capabilities. As an example, the table
would contain multiple columns that would list different pieces of
information regarding a server; such as OS, physical vs VM, memory, disk
space, etc. Each row would list a different server with a checkbox next
to each server for the user to select. But beyond that, they wanted to
be able to expand or drill down into each server to be able to select
various permissions within each server so that I could select that I
want admin rights on server A, remote access rights on server B, etc.
The only way I can think to solve this is through a complex HTML control
with a lot of crazy scripting logic to create such a table and then a
lot of crazy mapping logic to read that data and map into the flow data.
Does anybody else have a better idea or have seen anything like this in
use before?

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