After upgrading from 4.0.1D through 4.0.2 to 4.5 I have a lot of trouble
getting the UA working.
I have installed a new UA-server (tomcat) and restored the database fra
the old one.
I have chosen not to use SSPR.

The UA starts up with no errors.
When I log in to UA:8080/landing (as uaadmin) it show up blank with only
the title, the Edit and the drop down for help and logout. No errors.
However some lines in the catalina.log like "No external item found with
id:cn=HomeManageRole..." indicating that some elements are missing.

If uaadmin logs in to UA:8080/IDM I get "An error has occured while...".
In the catalina.log it says:
> Servlet.service() for servlet [PortalAggregator] in context with
> path [/IDM] threw exception
> [com.sssw.fw.exception.EboUnrecoverableSystemExcept ion: Failed to
> retrieve page definition for DefaultContainerPage] with root cause
> com.sssw.fw.exception.EboUnrecoverableSystemExcept ion: Failed to
> retrieve page definition for DefaultContainerPage

All servers are SLES11sp3-64

Anyone who can help me out here will be considered a hero!

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