I have a picklist that is being dynamically populated with values based
on user selections in the form. What I am wanting is to have it
automatically select each item as it is added so that in the end all
items are selected when the form is submitted. I can make the form
select the first item or the most recently added item but I am unable to
get all items selected. I have tried looping through the values but it
seems to be a value behind. I set value 1 and then fire a field event
that gets the values of the target field but it shows no values. Then I
set value 2 and the fire event kicks off again but this time only value
1 is detected. I have tried storing the values in a hidden field so
that I could take a variable that is set to the hidden field value and
pass all the values in the field.select() method that it treats all my
DNs as a single DN value, ex:

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