First I have to say I really like the new dashboard and the clean layout
it has.
For requesting and approving things it works awsome.

So now we only want the rest to look just like it :-)
Meanwhile my thought was to create workflows for the things I need.

Right now I need to give a few helper administrators that are
responsible for adding roles and a few attributes to co-workers in their
department a workflow to do that.
My thought was that I create a group object for every department with
the co-workers as members, probably as a result of a role add, and have
the administrators as owner of that group.
Then on the roles they should be able to add have them as owner on those

In a workflow I should then be able to "filter" on the owner attribute
so they only can choose the co-workers they are responsible of and a
list of roles they are owner of.

The roles should also have to get a special approval workflow so if the
requestor is owner of the role it does not have to be approved.

Does this make sence? Can it be made cleaner or easier?


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