After upgrading to IDM 4.5 some RoleVault functions behave differently.

I have a script which uses
RoleVault.getRolesToGroupAssignments(groupName) to get roles assigned to
the selected group.
The I use RoleVault.getRolesToRoleAssignments(roleDN) to get childroles
for the role returned.

I get the role assigned to the group, but getRolesToRoleAssignments
returns an error:
> 'Error: Error occured evaluating a RoleVault service, refer to embedded
> exception for further details.'

Sample code:
// get roles assigned to the group
roleobj = RoleVault.getRolesToGroupAssignments(groupDN);
// get first role and convert object to string
roleDN = roleobj.get(0).getTargetDn() + "";
//get childroles of the role
childRole = RoleVault.getRolesToRoleAssignments(roleDN);

I could really use som help.

- martin

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