used validator the first time when changes in our active directory
drivers had to be made. GREAT (notice: uppercase).
when asking about pricing ... *gulp* .

if anyone is interested, thats what our reseller sent us:

Validator for Identity Manager 1-5 Connections Priority Subscription
1-Year / 9.400,00
Validator for Identity Manager 6-10 Connections Priority Subscription
1-Year / 14.100,00
Validator for Identity Manager Unlimited Connections Priority
Subscription 1-Year / 23.500,00

why is this not in IDM advanced edition, would that not be a unique
selling proposition one could win over any developer/engineer?

our Situation:
we have 80+ Active Directory Drivers (Notes Drivers, a few Delimited
Text Drivers), but rarely need to make a change/addition to the driver
logic(s) (twice a year), which might involve changing AD & Notes & Text,
you can imagine some things do happen.
to date this was cumbersome, i did my testing with command-line tools
and ldif-files, yet still not testing out every aspect of some change
for "practicability reasons" leading to unwanted behaviour, more
commonly referred to as bugs.

validator is a great tool to allow more agile development of those
changes with a safety net. still hard to argue due to those rare changes
for such a hefty fee (yearly!). been there, done that. no validator.

i can see a few advantages by putting it in advanced:
- argument for buying advanced edition, we have 15.000 users, about 130
drivers, but no technical need for advanced, wed be happy with standard
edition. validator would change that.
- unique selling proposition each technician would understand the value
- lowers the bar to make changes: might increase the number of customers
taking their well running idm infrastructure into consideration to
achieve certain goals they refrained from touching the system. further
implications: strengthens the product, increases acceptance, reputation
points for netiq, ....
- ....

i want validator. i wont get it. dont know how many validator
subscriptions have been sold as of today, but i assume it would be wise,
to bundle it into IDM.

thumbs up for your great work @those who made validator. florian

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