Here is a new 1.2 beta versions of Validator.

'Validator Linux' (
'Validator Windows' (
'Validator Mac OSX' (

Some of the highlights are a new UserApp Connector and a new Reporting
Module with default reports and custom ones using iReport. You can
check the readme for the rest of the enhancements/features included in
this release.

A few notes on the beta:

- Validator 1.1 is supported by NTS but the 1.2 Beta is only supported
here in the forum. Please remember it is Beta so use it wisely and
don't get me into trouble.

- Our friend David Wann a consultant from NetIQ, Asia Pacific, Services
is to be thanked for creating the UserApp connector.
Unfortunately, if you were using the UserApp connector from the last
beta you'll probably have to recreate those actions with the new

- Our friend Patrice McCarthy from NetIQ Americas consulting got us
started on reporting so we thank him for the jumpstart on that.

- Reporting - You can add new custom reports using iReport but we don't
support iReport itself. Basically, we dump information to a json file
and then you can use that however you would like. If something isn't
being dumped to the JSON file correctly then that would be something we
support. You can see the default reports for examples on how to display
the JSON in a nice format. If you place a new report in the same
directory it will automatically appear in the reporting drop down.

Other than that please continue to give us good feedback and we'll do
what we can to get it in there. I know there are lots of features
people want so if there's something you REALLY want go ahead and put it
in bugzilla or add a comment to bugzilla supporting that feature. We do
pay attention to that.



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