Hi Team,

We are in a dilemma in choosing either ‘mapping table’ or ‘Object Class’
for implementation of one of our requirements. Kindly input your
valuable insights so that we can implement this scenario in a simple and
proficient manner. The scenario is articulated below.

1.We have static data which we are going to use in an application. The
data is currently maintained in a database table e.g. the columns of the
database are ‘Country’, ‘state’, ‘location’, and ‘street’. This table is
infrequently updated manually.
2.In our application implementation, we are going to use this data. So
we want to get this confirmed if we should maintain this data in a
mapping table or use object class (one attribute for each column).
Please guide us here.
3.In addition to this, we want to create a GUI which will allow admin to
update this static data (sporadic).

Please let us know if you need any other information in order to have a
clear idea about the issue we are having.


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