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Thread: Start test from script/cmd and pass variable

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    tower33 NNTP User

    Start test from script/cmd and pass variable


    I would like to test add/modify/delete of few (say 100) users with same
    tests. The fastest way to do that is set variables (ex $CN) and just run
    test from script/cmd that will increment is and pass every time when
    test will performed. Is there a way to pass variable to test?

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    Re: Start test from script/cmd and pass variable


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    bamund NNTP User

    Re: Start test from script/cmd and pass variable

    If I understand correctly, you want to start a test from the
    command-line and pass in a parameter that the test can use (a CN for
    example). This is not a feature of Validator, you cannot pass any
    parameters from the command-line that the test can use.

    However, you can accomplish this in another way. You can write the
    parameter value (like a CN) into a text file, then start the test from
    the command-line. The test can then read the file using the text file
    connector and set a variable with the value from the file. You can then
    use this variable throughout your test.

    Hopefully this helps.

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