I've been a loyal and happy Novell engineer for many many years (like most here I'd imagine).
While there has been many changes and retreats the last several years, at least we always had the core to fall back on.

My concern is that with the latest press release from Micro Focus: Novell (as a brand) is going away.

Is it just me or does the latest press release seem to say everything is going to be re branded as Micro Focus?

"The product portfolios of Micro Focus, Borland, NetIQ, Attachmate and Novell will be brought together under the one portfolio of Micro Focus. Each product will have a defined strategy created and managed by a global product group."

So that means the Novell brand is going away?
On one hand, they bought it = they can do anything they want. For the price I'm sure they want to build their own brand.
On the other hand, I've been a loyal Novell engineer for decades..... I have no interest in being a Micro Focus engineer. I don't know who they are, I don't know what they're about, I don't know how steadfast they are with the product, if they will increase engineering or decrease it. I don't know if they will milk what's left of Novell products until they cease to exist.
The Attachmate ownership was a disaster (IMO), the only thing that saved Novell was the outstanding Dev teams that really put a lot of work (and heart) into OES and GW.

I have just started a new software development business and was happily looking forward to making it a proper Novell shop. Now I have to hesitate, because if the "Big Red N" is going away....... I'll slip away with it and have to make the nasty choice of being a Red Hat shop (which I have avoided up until now).