While upgrading our ZENworks servers to 11.2.4 recently, we discovered that one of our satellite servers is not successfully communicating with the primaries.

This satellite is also the only one of our ZENworks servers which is on Windows Server 2008 64-bit; all of the others are on some variant of Windows Server 2003.

If I unregister the Agent on this satellite and attempt to re-register it via 'zac reg', there is an extended delay, and then the registration attempt fails with the following error message:
Unable to register with the server at: https://servername.
Service Error. code: -21, message: Could not determine device type from <OS> tag: unsupported
Searches seem to indicate that this error message can mean that the device is running an operating system which is not listed in a particular XML file. However, I've checked the relevant XML file on both the satellite and the primary server, and the appropriate operating system is indeed listed.

This satellite, like most of our ZENworks servers, was installed with ZENWORKS_HOME pointing to a location which is not under the C: drive. Instead, it is on a separate drive, intended to serve as a "data" partition of sorts.

If I uninstall the Agent, reboot, and install the Agent to the default location on the C: drive, it does not exhibit this error; it communicates with the server without problems. However, this is not a viable configuration, because there is far too little space available on the C: drive.

If I uninstall the Agent, reboot, set ZENWORKS_HOME appropriately (which may involve another reboot), and install the Agent back to its non-C:-drive install location, it fails to make contact with the primary, and attempting to manually register shows the above error.

Any ideas what may be going on here?

We're looking at migrating our primary servers to this same OS in the near future (as in, within the next few weeks), as the most recent Windows OS which is supported by ZENworks 11.2 (and as a stop on the way to later upgrading to 11.3); since their existing ZENworks installs are _all_ to non-default locations, I find this behavior a bit disturbing.

I'm planning to recommend installing ZENworks to the default location on the new servers and just putting the content repo on a separate partition, but I'm not entirely sure that will be workable, since the migration process is - depending on which set of directions I go by - either complex and daunting or fairly opaque.