I have made a workflow where defined "owners" of an administrative group
can change attributes of their users and also add roles that they are
defined as owner of to them.

Now I come to the approval portion of those roles, I don't want them to
have to approve them since they feel they already did that in the
previous step.

So my thought was to do a modified role approval and use the role
approval workflow as a template.
What I want to do is this:

If the initiator/requestor is an owner of the role the role is approved
without any extra step but if the initiator/requestor is another person
it has to be approved by one of the owners of the role.

I just don't seem to get a grip on how to do this. I need to add a
condition before the role approval activity and compare the owner of the
role with the requestor somehow.

How do I get the requestor and the owners?

I have a query for the owner of roles that I use in my initial workflow
so I can use that one to get the roles that the requestor owns, not sure
if that helps here.

Do I need to do a for loop over the owners since there can be many ?

Any thoughts are welcome.

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