Hello everybody,

hopefully you can help me with my problem regarding Zenworks 11 Primary Server.

System: VMWare ESXi, 5.1.0
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (full installation) x64 6.1
Zenworks: Zenworks SP3

We are running two Zenworks Primary Servers and want to add three Satellites, but before the installation of the satellites the primarys must work perfectly.
At the moment we are struggling with our second primary. At the installation of the second one we have installed to our first primary server (Zone) and the installation was fine.
But when we want to work on the web interface its really slow until it ends up unresponsive.

We did already deactivate the Firewall for tests, because we thought the problem is about the connection.
Today we have tried the "Large Page Perfomance" and also followed the Zenworks article for working on ESXI with Zenworks.

Do you have any idea or did you already solved this problem on your site?

Thank you very much for any answer and help.