NetIQ Identity manager 4.0.2 AE

I'm trying to integrate to a REST webservice from Identity manager using
a custom Http driver, since i do feel the default netiq SOAP driver is
quite complex and outdated to work with. but anyhow, I have now
established the connection between IDM and REST webservice and can
invoke http methods easily and can get back the replies. but the
replies from the webservice is based on JSON payloads. and I'm not sure
how to parse these JSON payloads easily using dirxml!!. they way i do
for SOAP based payloads using ParseXML stuff. which is quite kinda cool,
you get to work with nodesets and nodes in good way using dirxml

Is there any thing that I can do to parse these JSON payloads using
netiq identity manager engine ( do no ask me to use Userapp).

I really do not want to read them as strings and find for the keys and
values manually feel like stupid doing this back in 80s.

I hope someone has the answer here


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