I am making email notification templates for a customer and it would
look great if they had the colours and images that fit the customer. For
that I need to show 3 images in all notification mails. This seems quite
simple, but I am having some problems. I have tried serveral things:

1. Placed the images here:
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/rules/manualtask/mt_files and link to
them like so in the email template: <p> <img ALT="your image"
SRC="cidrchid.gif" height="29
width="80/> </p>

The customer uses Exchange 2010 SP3 and in the OWA, the images are
attached in the mail, but as .bin files and not shown in the actual
mail. Googling this, gives different answers, some saying that the way
the mail is sent to Exchange is in the wrong MIME format. The actual
HTML content should be first in the mail and then the attachments after.
I don't see how I can change that, since it is IDM controlling that.

Others suggest adding the email sender to whitelist in Exchange 2010,
with this command: Set-ContentFilterConfig -BypassedSenders

This makes no difference in my case. Also adding a rule in Exchange 2010
that whitelists a specific email address makes no difference. So I think
it is the actual MIME format that gives this problem.

2. Then I tried placing the images on the Exchange 2010 IIS server, or
whereever. Now this works better, since the images are now in the right
place, but they are blocked. I get this message in the OWA:

To help protect your privacy, some content in this message has been
blocked. If you're sure this message is from a trusted sender and you
want to re-enable the blocked features, click here.

So I click and they are shown correctly. The next time I receive an
email, I have to click it again. The images should always be shown for
all users. I have Googled the internet dry and tried adding the email
address to trusted senders and amti-spam whitelisting and much more, but
nothing works.

This is when sending emails from a driver. When sending from the UA, the
images are shown. So there must be a difference in the way the driver
and the UA attaches images in emails.

I have a thread about this in the UA section also:

Any suggestions?


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