We have two core OES2 servers that I need to readdress as our default gateway is moving from .254 to .1 and the hosting company insists we also have .2, .3 and .4 free and unused.
The two core OES servers are of course on .1 and .2.

These servers perform the following:
1. Replicas of all partitions - one holds the masters, the other read/write of all partitions in the tree.
2. LDAP services for various things like Novell Client contextless login, copier email lookups etc (fortunately via DNS names)
3. Samba NT4 style domain authentication backed on LUM and eDirectory (servers were built before Dsfw was released).

We also have a mixture of OES2 and OES11 servers that don't have replicas and hence the OES services point to the above two servers for LDAP.

I have read the fine manual, especially the "Changing an OES xx Server's IP Address" part. Good work documentation team ! This is hardly ever considered by other vendors.

Three questions:

Q1. Regarding the "Reconfiguring services on other servers that point to this server" which is a bit short on detail...
Can I run the IPchange.sh on these other servers and enter the same address for old IP Address and new IP Address (remember it isn't changing) and then the old and updated new "Master Server Address" to update all the OES services on the "other servers" ?
Or is there a better less disruptive way to do this ? Is it any different between OES2 and OES11 ?

Q2. Where there were multiple LDAP servers specified - how to I update the ones that were not the first (which I assume is the Master ?

Q3. The general "any gotchas or other advice gladly accepted" question

Cheers and thanks in advance !