Just curious if anyone has run into this scenario and if so what they
did to fix it.

Running NAM appliance on sles 11 or sles 9 we find that after any
policy push, a reboot of a server, or a core... the ESP throws 403
errors and thus the LAG is useless. This can be traced down in the
browser's http headers or by simply hitting the LAGs health check. We
found that functionally is easily restored by going into the admin
console's audit task and repushing the current config to the offending
box. One of my colleagues also mentioned that he got around it once by
repushing the certs but isn't 100 percent sure on that solution.
Thankfully to date we've only seen this in our pre-production
environment, despite the fact that it is nearly identical to our
production environment (patch versions, hardware, number of servers,
config, etc...).

Anyhow as previously mentioned I was curious if anyone else had run
into this. We are currently in the process of escalating to Novell
support but aren't sure what they will do for us as we are still running
on the sp2 ir patches and hesitant to upgrade due to the stable
environment we've been running for the last year in production.


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