Hi, I am wanting to implement SSL between the browser and Novell Access
Gateway only. To do this I clicked on the reverse proxy and then
selected 'Enable SSL between browser and access gateway' and then
created a certificate. This seemed to work fine. I want a certificate
that is signed by an external company like verisign or similar. So I
follow the same procedure except I select 'use external certificate
authority' and fill in everything (common name is the full dns name of
what I want protected, is this correct?) I then get an error once I
select 'OK' - Warning: The selected certificate's subject does not
contain 'CN=DNS NAME'. The CN should either match exactly of have
suitable wildcards.

What I need advice on is this error normal? and is this the correct
procedure for getting ssl turned on between the browser and the access
gateway? If I look at the certificates view where other default
certificates are the CN=DNS NAME has a '\' after each dot, i.e.
secure\.domain\.name\.com, is this correct?

Thank you for any help and/or advice.

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