I am looking for a different way to extend NAM Session Time from within
my Application. Today we are using XMLHttpRequest to post to the
protected resource. Below is the code that we are using. This code is
causing an issue some times within IE if IE has the 'Access data sources
across domains' setting 'disabled'. I am looking to see if any one has a
different maybe better way to extend the NAM session timeout.

function createRequestObject() {
var tmpXmlHttpObject;
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
tmpXmlHttpObject = new XMLHttpRequest();
} else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
tmpXmlHttpObject = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
return tmpXmlHttpObject;

function connectToServer() {
http = createRequestObject();
http.open('post', '/protected/PingSession');
http.onreadystatechange = processResponse;


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