We are protecting the Novell User Application (4.0.1) from NAM (version
3.1. SP2).
When we access the User Application directly, we get no errors.
But when logging into the User Application via NAM, we get a dojo not
found error. We are using a form-fill policy.

Also, the Work Dashboard page on the User APp does not display the Left
Hand navigation bar and the workflow forms do not get submitted on
hitting the Submit button.
Our workflow forms have some javascripts.

I referred the 'Novell Access Manager 3.1 SP2 Policy Guide' and found
references to 'Creating a Form Fill Policy for Autosubmission'.
They talk about enabling javascript handling in the policies for Access
Gateway: Form Fill policy. The javascripts that are to be enabled need
to be provided in ths list.
I am not sure what javascripts do I need to enable.

I referred to my policy and that has 'Auto-submit' enabled. I am not
sure if we should be using Auto-Submit or Manual Submit.

If anyone has any inputs on this scenario, your reply will be much


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