I implemented the NAM OpenID contract and was able to setup a login
process with openID from myopenid.com
I could not do it with a google account as the contract uses a provider
substring it strips out from the login URL i.e
'http://username.myopenid.com/' (http://username.myopenid.com)
Here is the help info on that -"Open ID Provider Substrings: Specify at
least one URL substring of an OpenID provider.
The OpenID URL that user enters during the login process must contain
one of the strings as a
subset of the OpenID URL. For example, if user enters
this field needs to contain one of the following strings:
To specify multiple URLs, separate them with a semicolon ("-

The Google OpenID login URL is a non-standard

When I use that URL and try to login from the NAM IDP I just a see a
blank page. Has anyone made the Out-of-Box NAM OpenID contract work
with Google Account?
Thanks in advance,

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