kjhurni;2139505 Wrote:
> Hi Samantha,
> For us, yes, that's the only two touch files we needed to create.
> You may not experience the issues, so you may not have to enable them.
> Usually:
> If you start getting "blank" pages being served up by the LAG, then
> you'll need to enable this throttling fix thingy (touch file, but it
> needs IR2 code)
> If your LAGS start getting high CPU utilization with ics_dyn, then it's
> probably the "open" tcp connections (usually you can see this by doing
> a:
> netstat -patune
> and if you see LOTS of "close_wait" connections, you'll need to create
> the touch file for releaseclosewait)


We are also facing the same issue with blank page in the Access
gateway. The issue occurs all of a sudden and we have experienced it
thrice from June 2011.
We are on SP3 IR ( Can you please help us with the touch
file that you have mentioned here.

Thanks a lot in advance

- Regards,

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