I am running the latest version 3.1.4-27. We are trying to configure WS
federation to ADFS 2.0 running in one of the service providers of our
company to access the hosted application. Active directory is our
identity store and I have followed the steps mentioned in the
Documentation except that I used CN attribute as the claim type instead
of email to create the service provider configuration. This is what is
happening - When I try to access the application URL, I am allowed to
select Novell Access manager(NAM) from a list of identity providers they
have configured in ADFS. After selecting, I am prompted with a form
based authentication configured in NAM. After successful authentication,
I am not being forwarded to the application URL instead I sit at the NAM
page that says " Your Session has been authenticated for 60 minutes"

Can anyone walk me through the configuration and help me figure out
what I may be missing?


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