Kerberos stopped working. It was working until a couple of hours ago.

We are using NAM 3.1 SP4

I enabled logging for the Identity Server and see errors like

"Authentication Method Introduction Failed" and then "Authentication
contract Kerberos failed in method 'Kerberos' for session....."

Do these errors look familiar?

I have asked for new keytab files to be generated for the AD Domain
Controller which is being used as the KDC.

I am unclear on if I will need separate keytab files for the different
Identity Servers given that they are all using the same AD DC as the
In the Identity Server manual, it says for the parameter /princ,
"Specify the service principal name for the Identity Server, then @,
followed by the Kerberos realm. The default value for the Kerberos realm
is the Active Directory domain name in all capitals. The Kerberos realm
value is case sensitive."

Any suggestions / comments would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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