Hello everyone!

For our AM I develop a custom authentication class. I've bulit in my
custom checks according to the documentation of the SDK, and they
(mostly) work as expected. My problem is, we'd like to use the browser's
popup login, but the only info I found in the doc about this was the
return value of getType() of my custom class. I've bulit from the
passwordClass example given, that uses from-based login. I've changed
the return value of getType, that doesn't help.
Extending the BasicClass, and then calling it's doAuthenticate() when
I'm done with my checks do gets me to the pop-up login; but that way I
don't have the data needed for my checks, so it is not a solution, I've
done that just for testing.
So, my question is, do I have to bulid the popup login from code, and
(what my guess would be) if not, where and what do need the admin of AM
configure besides that the class returns AuthnConstants.BASIC (or
AuthnConstants.PROTECTED_BASIC for https), and selecting the
corresponding auth. type on the AM console?

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