I've not tested this yet, and it may rely solely upon the SP we're
using, but here goes:

I have two NAM clusters.

One for internal, one for external. Soon we'll have a third one (one
for a third-party Identity Provider).

Let's say I configure all three NAM ID clusters to have a trusted SP.
We run the trusted SP on some other server in our LAN.

1) I am assuming that because I have 3 distinct NAM IDP Clusters, and
thus 3 distinct SSL certs, that I'm going to have 3 distinct metadata
sets that I will have to send to the SP?

2) I am also assuming that the SP will ALSO have 3 "things" (for lack
of a better word) in it, each correlating to my ID providers, and thus,
I'll have 3 distinct metadata files from the SP?

Am I on the right track? Has anyone setup anything like this before?


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