has anyone tried to protect a url that's generated by a
i find that if the parent window and the child window's url are
protected by the same authentication method all works as usual. but if
the parent window and the child window uses different authentication
method, eg parent's is public and child's is form-passowrd, then the
child window will not open properly.

below are my test pages.
testa.htm 's authentication method = none
testb.htm 's authentication method = name/password - form
(i've tried using name/password - form and x509, and the result is the
(if instead i use window.open to open a child page, all works fine,
but for some reason i must use showModalDialog)

Parent Page testa.htm

function openWindow(){
oNewWindow =
window.open('testb.htm','TestB','modal=yes,height= 255,width=250');
function openWindow2(){
oNewWindow = window.showModalDialog("testb.htm","TestB","dialog Height:
200px; dialogWidth: 200px; " +
" resizable: Yes; status: Yes;");
<h1>TEST A</h1>
<input type="button" onClick="openWindow('sesame');"
<input type="button" onClick="openWindow2('sesame');"
<h3 id="result"></h3>

Child Page testb.htm


<h1>TEST B</h1>

thanks in advance

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