I have a client who wants to build some application development
environments. We are moving things from Sun AM over to Novell (or is it
NetIQ yet?) AM. They currently have about 20 environments for their
developers at 3 different sites. Each environment operates
independently. Each site has only one isolated development network, so
building 20 separate isolated networks is not a solution.

Here is what I have built for a baseline;

One complete IDM 4.0.1 environment to provide connections from various
sources. Right now, it consists of a Vault connected to an LDAP tree to
be used as the AM User Store, plus the ancillary support drivers (User
App, Roles, Managed System, Data Collection). That part has been cloned
and is working in our first clone test environment. There will be one
LDAP driver to connect to the Sun Directory in the future.

Each AM system consists of three servers, One Admin, one Identity
Server and one Access Gateway (service). All servers are SLES 11 SP1,
all VM's. We would like to clone the configuration, but that is proving
difficult. Each cloned system will have new server names and new IP
Addresses. The clone source is pretty much an out-of-the-box

Looking for ideas from folks who have more AM background than I have
(taken the AM 3.0 ATT, and done a bit of Siteminder work).

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